About The Hall

Our Village Hall was opened in March 1976. Led by a Mrs Win Williams the village raised over £20,000 by its own efforts, a truly tremendous achievement. This funding was then supplemented by substantial grants from The Kent Education Committee the Department of Education and Science and Swale Borough Council. The Village Hall has its own management committee and is supported by a long standing and fruitful partnership with the Parish Council.

The hall has long been a welcoming community base for our village. It has seen weddings, parties, social events, village carnivals and fetes, school Christmas shows and drama productions. There are regular clubs and events and new ventures and requests for use are happening all the time.

Some years ago a “Development Group” was established. Their work is bringing5 together volunteers, finding new funding and generating ideas, contacts and enthusiasm for further development and refurbishment.

The future looks exciting. The Village hall is for all the community and it is YOURS. We really value your ideas, comments and involvement. Whether you are an existing user or hirer, a villager or someone outside the Village, we would welcome your comments and feedback.


To send us your comments, either use our contact us form or email us.

Thank you.