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Smiley Drama Club

Saturdays from 2-3.30pm, starting 27th

September at Detling Village Hall. Classes for

children aged 6-11 years; focusing on acting,

singing, physical theatre and movement.

Opportunities for performance

available. For further details and to book a

place, please contact Debbie: 07956 598348 or email smileydramaclub@aol.com or Janet Cowie   01634 323749

Baby Sensory:

Baby Sensory is a baby development programme developed by Dr Lin Day that provides a myriad of colourful sensory experiences and new sensations. Imagine taking your baby on a jungle, water or space adventure, to a winter wonderland or to a world of light and magic?  Mums and Dads also find out how to settle and soothe their baby, how to get them on their tummies, how to perform simple massage techniques and a whole lot more. There are also some wonderful games and activities which are fun to do together. Music therapy is another sensory delight that cannot be missed.  Each activity is supported by useful learning and developmental information, so that parents know how to lead their baby’s learning forwards, and every week is different. Parents are provided with hundreds of simple ideas for activities that they can do with their babies at home.

Babies learn more in the first year of life than at any other time. Never again will there be such an extraordinary pace of development. They are totally attentive and absolutely fascinated by everything that they can see, hear, touch, taste and smell. Baby Sensory doesn’t waste a moment of this valuable time!  Classes run in Detling Village Hall on Tuesdays.  Booking is essential. 



Toddler Sense:

The Toddler Sense programme has been designed by Baby Sensory founder Dr. Lin Day to create a safe and enjoyable environment in which your toddler can learn through play.   The programme builds on skills that your baby has acquired during their first year.   

The Toddler Sense session starts in an exploratory play area which is set out differently each week.  Each session is unique and the equipment for the session has been specifically selected to match the theme. This is your chance to share an adventure with your toddler!

What may look like a balance beam to you will be transformed into a bridge that crosses a crocodile swamp or a plank for your young pirate to walk across the following week. The Toddler Sense Class Leader, Sarah Bright,  starts each session by introducing the theme and then by suggesting ways in which you can bring this part of the session to life for your toddler.  Adventure play is followed by structured, themed activities, which provide a wealth of ideas that can be continued at home.  Classes start in Detling Village Hall on Tuesdays September 2014.  Booking is essential.